• JBoogie Builds
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      This is a support group for all JBoogie Builds Current Active Builds: Black Panther Vaders TV Build All our builds can be found in the Kodi Geeks Wizard:
    • Millzys Builds
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      I create my builds as a hobby in hopes others will enjoy and love Kodi as I do. I am always open to comments, suggestions, etc. I recently created a custom build and wizard for someone. I'm...
    • Simple Builds
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      Welcome to the simple build world. Youtube channel with the builds Also the source for the simple build is in...
    • Chef Diggz Cooking with Kodi
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      Welcome to the Cooking with Kodi help group. This group is geared toward helping new Kodi builders create the best builds to share with the community. A place for new and experienced Kodi...