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    Welcome to the Cooking with Kodi help group.
    This group is geared toward helping new Kodi builders create the best builds to share with the community. 
    A place for new and experienced Kodi builders to come together and help each other. 
    Theres no such thing as a newb question here.
    So come on guys and girls, lets get cooking!
    If you have a build and want to share it with the community, remember, KodiGeeks can help you get a home for your builds as long as you provide a Support group for your builds here at Kodigeeks.
    Heres some helpfull links for builders:
    Your gonna need to start browsing Kodi skins to see what your going to use for your build:
    Official Kodi skins support:
    Kodi WIP skins: 
    If you want to get into and edit the skins texture files (textures.xbt) you will need a tool called Kodi texture tool. This tool extracts and compilles the xbt files in skins. This file is where the default icons, logos, color panels are in the skin.
    To understand the way paths work in Kodi and understand the commands for Kodi heres some helpful links:
    To keep up with the latest addons  available there are many sites to get information:
    If your have a build ready and want to create your own wizard, you will need a place to host your build zips and wizard files.
    Once you have that setup, you can create your own wizard for your builds. 
    The Aftermath Wizard is a great place to create one. Just fill out the config page and your new Wizard zip will be ready to download:
    So theres some basics to getting started creating a Kodi build,
    Lets get cooking!!

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