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New URL Resolver

Thanks to Jason Diggz from Diggz Builds for the update.  Important news:
Good news for Kodi streaming. Looks like Jsergio123 is back in the game and just came up with a new URL Resolver. Jsergio was the main man behind URL Resolver which is what gets most links in Kodi addons before he got served a cease and desist and TVaddons took over the URL Resolver. But hes back with an updated version. 
I just added Jsergios brad new repo to Diggz wizard. Should show up soon. I recommend you get it and install the new repo. 

2 hours ago
To use the gvideo addon with my urlresolver fork to play gvideo sources without restrictions then enable the gvideo option in the resolveurl settings and setup the gvideo addon for kodi using these directions located here  
Posted in Top Addons on February 04 at 08:24 AM

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