Info Update Diggz Xenon 7355 if Wizard isn’t working on ur computer. And reload API Keys,Real Debrid

This is the Turner JustShowMe series
Update Diggz Xenon if Wizard isn’t working on your computer. And reload API Keys,Real Debrid
Be sure and watch all the video there are more tips and tricks included right up to the end. Also check out all my video part 1 thru all I’m adding all the time.
Pretty much any of the changes I have made to this build you can do on anyone build, just enter into the settings.

I'm not sponsored nor have any connections to the products or software mentioned in the video or this discription. Just helpful tips
But I'am a user. And if there is anything in Xenon you want me to cover just email me.

Email – [email protected]
On loading Xenon or refer to my video Part 1 Turner JustShowMe

Here’s a video from Stephen Cornelious, a True Master
Recommended Box on a Budget T95z Plus 2 GB and Backlight Wireless Keyboard
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